At Al Jaami, we leave no stone unturned to avail you the best products and services. However, at times circumstances may come that you wish to cancel or have a refund on your order. To ensure you attain the utmost satisfaction from our services, we would like to share with you our cancellation and refund policy, considering some frequently raised questions. Let’s start:

The Policy envisages the terms and conditions under which:

(a) You are permitted to return goods purchased by you, subject to a valid reason;
(b) a refund may be obtained for goods purchased by you, subject to certain conditions;
(c) you may cancel orders for goods purchased by you within a stipulated period of time”

It is important to note while the Company makes best efforts to ensure that returns, refunds and cancellations are available to the users of the Website, the Company has to place certain restrictions on the same in order to meet its business, legal and contractual obligations. Return, refunds or cancellations may also vary from brand to brand, in which case each such good sold there under will have specific guidelines which will determine the terms and conditions related to return, refunds or cancellations (the “Guidelines”). In each such case, the Guidelines shall prevail over this Policy and it is important for you to acquaint yourself with the applicable Guidelines while making a purchase on the Website.

What I can return and when?

(a) You receive a faulty or defective product (like damaged or leaked attar bottle, non-working electric Bakhoor burner)
(b) You receive a product that is different from what you ordered.
(c) You receive a product that looks different from how it is actually appeared
(d) If the product send by us does not fit well (size issues additional Charges may be applicable)

What products can NOT be returned?

(a) Items that have been used, worn, washed or soiled;
(b) branded items, once the seal has been broken, cannot be returned unless we give you compensation (brands Like Al harmain, atoori, Ajmal, rasasi,etc.)

(c) Consumable products, once the seal has been broken, cannot be returned unless we give compensation (Products Like bathing bars and massage oil.)

(d) Bulky items like a bunch of caps, big wooed nalain, big hanging, and wall decorating.

(e) Custom made products. Like topi, Bakhoor, wooden nalain, jubbah, Bisht,

(f) Caps which you have ordered wrong sized can’t be returned

Conditions for returning products

(a) The products must be returned in the original condition they were received in along with any bills, tags, labels etc;

(b) Products must be in their original form and unsoiled;

(c) Brand packaging should be intact;

(d) Replacement of a product will be subject to availability of the product on the website at that time.

Refund Eligibility

To raise a dispute, please send an email to . Your email must contain name/image of the product and the order ID along with a detailed description of the nature of the concern. This must be done within 2 days of receipt of the product. Disputes registered after 2 days of delivery shall not be entertained at the Al Jaami team then you must send the product back to us within 7 days.

Cancellation Policy

(a)You cannot cancel order after 12 hours ( To cancel WhatsApp us at 9611957661)

(b) You cannot cancel customized orders

(c) You want to cancel and product is not dispatched then we have authority to cancel it you have to inform us)

Note: We Al Jaami Have Authority To Cancel Any Order Which Is Price Mistake Or Out Of Stocks…